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Monday, January 14th, 2013

My three-year-old son told me this today, completely of his own accord:

“Some days are poop, and other days are better.”

And that is now the mantra by which I will live my life.

2013 Resolution

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Like most of you, people in my life are pie-charted into Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Dipshits. There are family members who drift into the Friends category, and friends who are actually just Acquaintances. I don’t think there is any Venn Diagram overlap between friends and Dipshits, though. Anathema is simply incompatible with any degree of friendliness (single exception = Facebook).

So my Friends, the people who’s opinions MATTER, tend to be divided on this New Year’s Resolution business. I think everyone naturally reflects during this time of the year. Many of us are entering the colder months, hunkering down, taking inventory of both the physical and the psychic. Setting annual goals helps us invigorate an otherwise bleak period of post-holiday come-down and seasonal affective disorder. But the resolutions are often just bullshit. We know this. If my resolution was already important, then I would have already done something about it. The new year affords me the opportunity to pretend that I have been granted a reprieve on my previous failings and misfires. And I can call bullshit on all of that, if I want, but, really, I would rather play this game and be kind to myself, give myself an honest chance, than dig down so deep into cynicism that I don’t even bother.

So I’m making a resolution, right here in public (as “public” as this relatively unknown blog). A public declaration carries the weight of accountability. This is no longer a personal promise and, being posted on an archived forum, anyone can return to this blog in a year and instantly judge my goals as achieved or quixotic. Like any writer, I am leveraging the reader. I am using you.

And that brings me to the meat of the matter.

In 2013, I resolve to drink more coffee, write more fiction and journalism, and find a publisher for the novel that I wrote in 2011-12.

That’s it. I know that the “more” qualifiers are vague. I don’t want to pledge to numbers. However, I spent much of 2012 honing journalistic skills, all while nearly abandoning fiction. I think I’ve had a small degree of success with the journalism, and I’ll keep that momentum. Regarding fiction, the thing I notice about the biographies of writers and other artists is this: Those who succeed do not give up, do not falter. They stay on mission. That does not guarantee success, but drifting off and losing focus on your work, abandoning the mission, will certainly destroy the chances of success.

So perhaps that boils the 2013 resolution to this:

Stay on mission.

Or, for Star Wars fans, stay on target. This implies a definition of the mission or target, which I generally have, but we can all benefit from such reflection and honing of ambition. I think that’s a good resolution for any of us.